Vanitas Portus
This panoramic mural mirrors Manila and Acapulco, two ports that were connected in a period of apogee and that today empathically look at each other in their nadir. The first canvas focuses on the colonial period, the discovery and exploration of new lands and the trade of ideas and materials that circulated via the Acapulco-Manila galleons for over 250 years. The second canvas focuses on the contemporary history of the two ports a period in which their continuos communication is interrupted and the environmental and social decay of each city is notorious. In the case of Manila, the destruction suffered in the Second World War is still part of the present, which has pressing socio -political problems. In Acapulco, decades of old unresolved social tension add to the recent violence fueled by drug trafficking. I painted this mural with Mexican cochineal, an organic dye that was widely marketed and transported in the Manila galleons but was substitude by synthetizide colorants in the nineteenth century, marking in a way the end of early globalization and the begginig of industrialized world.


Project exhibited at Manila Biennale: Open city, by the invitation of Modelab, for more info and download the publication click at: 

2 panels, Mexican cochineal ink on canvas, 138 X 481 cm. / 54.3 X 189.3 in. each




Manila - Dulce chacon 1W.jpg



Installation at Manila Biennale: Open City, Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, February 2018