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Project that focuses on two contemporary qualities of the image: on the one hand the recovery of images that function as testimony that articulates the history of the present time and on the other the extreme concern to document the events from multiple planes and perspectives.

Visual narrative made with 44 drawings of different measures that reconstructs the free fall that the professional parachutist Felix Baumgartner did from the stratosphere to the earth in 2012. This event was transmitted live via Youtube.

Ink on paper, 118 X 590 in.

Installation at CC Futurama, Mexico city, 2017
Untitled, Ink on paper, 32 X 41 cm. / 12.5 X 16.1 in.
Untitled, Ink on paper, 35 X 46 cm. / 13.7 X 18.1 in.
Untitled, Ink on paper,  15 X 40 cm. / 5.9 X 15.7 in.
Untitled, Ink on paper, 18 X 24 cm. / 7 X 9.4 in.
Untitled, Ink on paper, 40 X 60 cm. / 15.7 X 23.6 in.
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